Family Studies

Brown, W.A.B. (1961).

A Cephalometric Study of parents and their Children.

* Transactions of the European Orthodontic Society. 1-9.

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Brown, W.A.B. (1963).

A Cephalometric analysis of skeletal three apical base relationships in families.

* Transactions of the European Orthodontic Society. 105-116.

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Adams, C.P. and Brown, W.A.B. (1966).

The Adams Cephalostat.

The dental practitioner. 17: 75-76.



Brown, W.A.B. (1973).

Forty-five Northern Irish Families: A Cephalometric radiographic Study.

Am J Phys Anthropol. 39: 57-86.

The radiographs for this study have been scanned onto two CDs. For more information, please leave a message or contact me on

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Houston, W.J.B, and Brown, W.A.B. (1980).

Family likeness as a basis for facial growth prediction.

Eur. J. orthodont. 2:269-272

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Roberto Cameriere Ph.D.; Luigi Ferrante Ph.D.; Theya Molleson Ph.D.; and Barry Brown Ph.D (2008).

Frontal sinus accuracy in identification as measured by false positives in kin groups.

J Forensic Sci, November 2008, Vol. 53, No. 6



* All the articles of the Transactions of the European Society are reproduced with permission of the European Orthodontic Society.

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