Dental Historian

   James Henderson Scott

National Service 1951-1953;
Brown, W.A.B.,

National Service in the Royal Army Dental Corps in Nigeria 1951-1953,

Dental Historian 2010; 51: 76-84.

    West Africa

James Henderson Scott 1913-1970
Brown, W.A.B.,

James Henderson Scott (1913-1970): Charismatic Teacher,

Dental Historian 2010; 52: 32-40.

Tooth development in cattle, University of Illinois 1957-59

Tooth Development in Cattle 1957-1959
Brown, W.A.B.

Tooth Development in Cattle University of Illinois (1957-1959),

Dental Historian 2011; 53: 15-32.

Guy's Hospital Dental Course 1944-50

W.A. Barry Brown

Some thoughts from an ex-student.

Dental Historian 2011; 54: 12-26

Cardiff Dental School 1964-71

W.A. Barry Brown


Dental Historian 2012; 55: 26-34

Loma Miles (by Brown)

W A Barry Brown

Dental Historian 2013; 57: 26-36

Loma Miles (by Liversidge /Brown)


Dental Historian 2015;60 (1):18-24



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