Dr. W. A. Barry Brown


Barry Brown was born 1927 at Lee-on-the-Solent and educated at St. Georges College, Weybridge. He studied dentistry at Guy's Hospital 1944-50 and qualified with an LDSRCS. He spent his National Service in the Royal Army Dental Corps (1951-53), serving in England and Nigeria.

While working as the Orthodontic House Surgeon at King's College Hospital Dental School, London, he obtained a D'OrthRCS and went on to be the Orthodontic Registrar at the London Hospital Dental School.

From 1957-59 he worked at the University of Illinois, Chicago, as a research assistant where he obtained an MSc degree for determining the chronology of tooth development in cattle, under the guidance of Maury Massler.

Returning to England 1959, he became a lecturer in Orthodontics at Queen's University where, under the guidance of James Henderson Scott, he analysed cranial similarities in families for a PhD, awarded in 1970.

From 1964, he was Head of the Division of Orthodontics at the newly founded Cardiff Dental School.

In 1971, he left clinical dentistry and was appointed as a lecturer in Basic Sciences in the Anatomy Department at King's College, London. Here he worked on a variety of projects and retired as a reader in 1987. He has continued to work on the assessment of age from dentitions for different species of deer.

He passes his time writing and socialising.

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